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[Review] Wet ‘n Wild Megalast Pencil Eyeliner

March 5, 2014

wetnwildI mentioned yesterday that one of the items I picked up recently (and would do a first impressions/review on) is the Wet ‘N Wild Megalast eyeliner. The picture to the left shows the product, the eyeliner tip, the smudger tip, and two swatches. This cost $1.99 at my local Harris Teeter, and I actually got it for free thanks to a coupon that doubled =)

I was originally going to do a first impressions on this instead of a review, but I figured why not just replace my usual eyeliner in my makeup bag with this one for a few days and see how it goes? That should be enough time for me to gather my thoughts for a review. So, here it is!

I must say I’m not really one for smudger tip eyeliners because I just don’t really wear that look that much. However, I do appreciate it when eyeliners do have the smudger tip, just in case I want to use it. The smudger tip on this one is made out of black rubber. It’s not too stiff and not too moveable, so I think it smudges well. In the swatch on my hand, you can see the swatch of just the eyeliner and the second swatch is what it looks like when you rub the smudger tip over it a few times. One thing I don’t understand is that this smudger tip is removable from the pencil. I’ve seen this before with other eyeliners that have smudgers, but I don’t understand why this one does it. Usually if a smudger tip comes off, it’s because there is a sharpener down in there. There isn’t a sharpener on this one though. (I’m actually okay with that, I don’t see the point in sharpening this kind of eyeliner!)

The actual eyeliner is retractable, which is nice (and very convenient)! The swatch in the picture was just me drawing a straight line on my hand–I didn’t have to go over it again to make it stand out. It’s pretty pigmented on its own, so it’s got my approval there too. Additionally, the formula is soft and very easy to apply. It doesn’t tear at my waterline or go on splotchy. I can apply it very quickly and gently, which is what I like. I can also tight-line with this liner, so in my mind that is the mark of a good eyeliner! My upper waterline is so sensitive…so only soft, pigmented liners work for that.

As far as staying power, I think it’s okay but not great. However, I’ve got really watery eyes….even Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliners don’t stay in my waterline for long! I have better luck on my top waterline than my bottom waterline. Anyway, I apply this in the morning before I leave the house and take it with me, reapplying a couple of times throughout the day. For example, I checked my makeup about halfway through the day. A lot of the eyeliner had worn off in my waterline, but it was still in my lashline so all was not lost =)

All in all, I’m impressed with this eyeliner, especially since it was so cheap! My other eyeliners usually run at least $8!

Pros: goes on easily, soft & pigmented formula, price, smudger tip, retractable
Cons: staying power?
Verdict: Try it!