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Tips for Applying Makeup in a Hurry!

February 21, 2014


So…I’m often running late for work (and used to run late for school too….old habits die hard!). I used to be pretty quick about getting all of my makeup on, because I just can’t do the whole “natural no makeup” look or literally go out without any makeup. It just isn’t gonna happen =) If you can pull that off, lucky you! If you can’t, here are my tips for speeding up your makeup routine!

Tip #1—Prepare the night before.
If you know you have to get up early for work or school, make sure you organize your makeup the night before. Wash your makeup brushes and have your products out and ready to go! It also helps to keep clean makeup sponges around at all times along with some cotton swabs & makeup remover for easy clean up. I like the Almay Eye Makeup Remover Qtips. They’re pre-loaded with makeup remover in case you mess up! Also, the Elf Makeup Remover Pen works well.

Tip #2—Use cream foundation or a BB cream.
If your skin doesn’t mind cream products, use some type of cream foundation (or stick concealer) as your main face makeup. Cream products are not as messy as powder or liquid products, so it is much easier to apply them when you’re in a hurry! The cream product should give you a nice smooth canvas to work with as well. If you can use the lighter coverage BB creams (or have some of the more full coverage Korean BB creams) then stick to these, even though they’re liquid. They go on quickly and blend into the skin within a few moments.

Tip #3—Use neutral eyeshadow palettes.
Having a palette instead of single eyeshadows will make it much easier to apply your makeup quickly. Also, keeping a nude palette is a good idea since the colors can go with anything. Look for a good brand that has very pigmented shades such as Urban Decay, Wet & Wild, Covergirl, and Stila. This way, you can have your eyeshadow on in a couple of swipes instead of
having to build the color up! Neutral shadows are also easier to work with and blend quickly.

Tip #4—Use multitasking products.
If you use one product to serve several functions, your makeup application will be much faster. Buy blush or bronzer compacts that have multiple shades in them—use the lightest shade as a highlighter and the darker shades for blush or bronzer. You can also use the darker shades of eyeshadow in a palette as a substitute for eyeliner. Find products that you can use in different ways, and make them part of your quick makeup routine! If you like soft pink eyeshadows, you can even use your blush for your eyes instead.

Tip #5—Use a clear or nude lip gloss instead of other lip colors.
It can sometimes take a while to apply lip liners and lip sticks. Any colored lip product is going to require more maintenance and take longer to put on correctly. You can cut some time out of your makeup routine simply by opting for a clear gloss or lip balm. Sheer lip products such as lip butters that still give a little bit of color are good options too.

Tip #6—Always curl your lashes.
If you wear mascara, make sure you curl your lashes before application! Curling your lashes helps to put them all in place so that the mascara will go on more smoothly and quickly. You’ll waste time if you try to put mascara on without curling your lashes and have to clean up the clumps!

Tip #7—Use makeup products with SPF.
Even if you’re getting ready in a hurry, you shouldn’t skip the sun protection! Look for foundations, concealers, and lip products that have SPF in them. Use these to eliminate the step of applying a sunscreen before foundation.

I hope some of these tips will help you when you’re running late!