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[First Impressions] Holika Holika Holy Cat Eyeshadow Trio

March 20, 2014

holy cat lookSorry the pictures of my eyes aren’t great quality…=/ It looked better on my computer screen, and now that I’ve resized it it doesn’t look so great. Meh. Just keep in mind the colors show up better in real life than they are here in the pictures. The khaki color and the black are more pigmented than the pink, but you can definitely see the hints of pink and a bit of peach in real life!

So anyway, I ordered this a couple of weeks ago on Ebay (I had originally ordered it from another website. They didn’t have it so I got another Holy Cat eyeshadow in a different color! Still waiting on that shipment ^^) So I looked online for this one since I wanted to try both. This is the Holy Cat Eyeshadow Trio in #2 Khaki Smoky Cat by Holika Holika (a Korean brand).

I tried to translate the Korean on the back of the product, but I didn’t get very far! Haha. It says something about making your eyes look confident like a cat’s? I think? And it says it’s a lovely eyeshadow trio in the shape of a heart (the black part). But since it’s eyeshadow, it’s self explanatory and we don’t really need to know what it says on the product.

In my earlier post, you can see a picture of the packaging, WHICH I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I also love that the name is “holy cat.” I couldn’t resist. Had to get it. =)

I’m pleased to say I do like the product, quite a bit! This is only the first time I’ve used it, so I can’t give a full detailed review, but I am happy to give my impressions of it as of today. As I keep using it, I’ll note any different observations and write a more detailed review. However, I think it’s quite possible to review an eyeshadow fairly quickly, since it either works or doesn’t.

First off, I swatched the colors on my hand. The black and khaki come off fairly pigmented, but I was a bit surprised at the pink shade. It didn’t come off well at all, so I swatched it a bit darker and could see the pink. The pink shade is mostly just sparkle, but I actually like that. You can still see a light wash of pink on the eyes, and quite a bit of sparkles! The other two shades are really sparkly as well! If you like matte eyeshadows, this won’t be for you. I happen to love sparkly eyeshadows, so I was excited to try it out today.

I used the pink all over the lid, the khaki in the outer half of my eye, and the black in the outermost section of my eye, blending them together. The shadows are really soft to the touch and I think they blend well. I’ve had them on for 8.5 hours so far and haven’t really needed to touch up. I did touch up the pink just a little bit ago because it looked like it faded a bit, but I really didn’t have to do that…you could still see it, I just wanted a bit more color. They haven’t creased yet either. I used ELF’s eyeshadow primer (the $1 one). The only other thing on my eyes is a highlight on my brow bone (a shadow softie from Almay in a pale yellow shade).

So I think the shadows go on well, can be built up color wise, blend well, are really soft, and last for a long time. Since they are super sparkly, I have noticed some sparkles that have fallen down under my eyes and onto my face, probably just from blinking. I don’t mind it, since I love sparkles, but I just wanted to put that out there. In my opinion it’s not really that noticeable anyway.

I’m excited to try out the other color of the Holy Cat eyeshadow. Can’t wait for that package to come in!

Thanks for reading!


[First Impressions] Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder

March 4, 2014

maybelline dream wonderSo I saw this new Maybelline product a few days ago (and had heard about it online before then). I decided I wanted to give it a go, even though I have quite enough pressed powder =) (That reminds me, I should be writing a review of a powder I’ve been using a lot, like Revlon Colorstay and Em Cosmetics Pressed Powder…those will be forthcoming!)

Anyway, I wanted to give this one a go since I’m always looking for a good powder (I get really oily…). I’ve used this powder for a couple of days now. I always dab it under my eyes with a flat foundation brush and dab it on the rest of my face with a sponge. I also use it for touch ups throughout the day.

First of all, I can say that this powder has a very interesting texture! It is SO soft and smooth…it doesn’t even really feel like a powder! It’s really hard to describe just how it feels…it kind of reminds me of the Em Cosmetics powder actually, except this one is even more like silk. It’s not chalky at all, and it does provide some light coverage (you can see this in the picture above, where I have it swatched on my finger).

The powder goes on very nicely when applied with a sponge. I tried dipping a powder brush in it too, but that didn’t work as well. When I used the sponge, I could tell it was mattifying my skin, giving it a nice, smooth, nearly flawless finish. My skin will never be flawless, no matter how amazing the powder/foundation is, so that’s why I say nearly flawless =)  It does seem to help cover up some areas that maybe need a bit more attention, and it helps to make my pores less noticeable. It doesn’t cling to my dry patches.

As for staying power, I must say I’m am seriously an oil slick no matter what I use. Some products work better than others for this, of course, and I think this one works better! I do need to touch up during the day, several times, but that’s normal for me. The only time I notice this powder clinging to anything is when I use acne medication on spots that pop up. This medication is VERY drying, so I don’t blame it on the powder. I feel like I can touch up with this and not have to worry that it’s going to look too cakey.

The powder comes with a mirror and a sponge, which is nice. I also like the packaging. It’s not too bulky.

All in all, I’d say my first impression/review of this product is a very positive one! I hope I’ll continue loving it. If I don’t, I’ll be sure to write an updated review.

When I picked this up at the supermarket, I also picked up some new EcoTools eye brushes and the new (I think it’s new?) Wet n Wild Megalast pencil eyeliner. Then while couponing at the drugstore, I picked up the Physician’s Formula Organic Wear tinted moisturizer. These are a few of the products I’m planning to write first impressions/reviews for, so be on the look-out for those!

Pros: compact, comes with mirror and place for sponge, SMOOTH texture, mattifies well
Cons: have to reapply (but I think that’s just me, with ANY powder)
Verdict: Buy it!

Thanks for reading!