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[Review] Up & Up Oil Blotting Sheets

April 25, 2014


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Alright, here’s a review on the oil blotting sheets I’ve been using lately. I remember years ago using Neutrogena Oil Blotting Sheets (at least I think it was Neutrogena….maybe it was Clean & Clear?) and I loved them. They were blue sheets and I used to rub them (not blot…) ALL OVER my face. Since I was a teenager, my skin was super, super oily! I just liked how it would turn the blue sheet clear…haha. Kept me entertained I guess?

Anyway. I stopped using oil blotting sheets for a while, and when I went back to them, it was after I discovered the ELF brand. I loved that they had cosmetics for cheap, since I was in college and not making much money! I bought many packs of their oil blotting sheets, which only cost $1. These sheets are much thinner and kind of a greenish color. They do remove oil, but I felt like they didn’t remove ALL of the oil, and I had to use multiple sheets…

So instead of buying more of those, a couple of weeks ago I looked for a different brand while in Target. I saw the name brand ones and these Target brand Up & Up ones were right beside them. I don’t remember how much the brand names cost, but these cost $4.77. I’m okay with that price since you get 70 sheets, and the quality is much better than the ELF ones!

So I am very pleased with these. I was pleasantly surprised to see that these sheets are also blue, like the ones I used to use. After trying it out, I can say they perform very much like the name brand ones! They absorb way more oil than the ELF ones. (Sorry for the gross oil in the picture by the way…but I wanted to show you what it looks like after I use one! The bottom picture was after I used it on most of my face…I got even more oil off than that……….I don’t wanna talk about it).

Anyway, I’ll be buying these from now on. They pick up the oil very easily by just blotting them on the skin, they hold much more oil than the ELF ones, and they come in a larger pack. Sure, they cost more, but I think it’s worth it since they are better quality and come in a larger pack. ^_^

How do you like to remove excess oil? Powder? Oil sheets? Something else?

Thanks for reading!


[Review] New Eco Tools Eye Brush Set

March 7, 2014

ecotoolsWhile browsing around in Walmart, I stumbled upon a set of 2 Eco Tools brushes in a package labeled “new.” I’m not sure how new they are, but I haven’t seen them before =)

I only have one other Eco Tools brush, and it’s a flat foundation brush. I mainly use it to put powder under my eyes, so I don’t really get a ton of use out of it. (Though I do use it for that small purpose daily). I wanted to try out some other Eco Tools brushes since they aren’t expensive and they look really soft! I think I purchased this set for about $6.

So these two brushes pretty much cover what I need in terms of eyeshadow brushes. They’re double-ended which is nice because it saves space, but it also makes them harder to store. I keep most of my brushes standing up in a cup or an organizer, but I don’t want to do that with these because I don’t want to ruin the brush head on the bottom.

Each brush is around 6 inches long, from the bristle on one end to the bristle on the other end. I like the size of the brushes; they aren’t too tiny so as to make it awkward for a double-sided brush, yet they are small enough to travel with easily. As far as weight, they are REALLY lightweight, which can be a good thing. However, I like a bit of weight to my brushes. Since these are eye brushes and not face brushes though, I’m not really bothered by their weight.

The ends of each brush is labeled with what function the brush is supposed to serve. I appreciate that, because sometimes brushes aren’t labeled any more specifically than “eyeshadow brush” which doesn’t tell me what the company expects the brush to be good for…so that makes it harder to review. These are labeled “blend,” “smudge,” “shade,” and “define.”

The blend brush is the fluffier one. It’s a great size (for my eyes anyway). I have used it to blend eyeshadow into the crease of my eye and also to dust a highlighter on my brow bone. I feel like it fits really well into the crease of my eye, but this may vary from person to person since we’re all different 🙂 It’s also really soft and doesn’t scratch my skin at all. Some of my other crease brushes are nice, but they’re a bit scratchy and I don’t like that, especially when it’s scratching the delicate skin around the eye. I really like this one; so far it’s my favorite crease/blending brush.

The smudge brush I don’t really have much use for. I don’t typically smudge eye products, but I can tell this one would be good for smudging some shadow on the lower lash line or under it. You could even use it to apply color to the lids too. It’s smaller than the brush head meant for that, but it could work depending on what look you’re trying to achieve. It’s soft as well, so I like that.

The define brush is cut to an angle, so it’s great for putting shadow under your waterline or for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes with a light-colored shadow. I mainly used it for putting some color under my lower lash line, and I found it works great for that. There’s definitely enough precision to get some highlighter in the inner corner, too. Again, it’s soft and non-scratchy.

The shade brush is the one meant to be used to put color all over your lids. I think the brush head is a nice size for this, and it also picks up a lot of color on the first go. I like this because then I feel like I’m not caking my eyes with eyeshadow! Some brushes just don’t pick up the color very well, but this one does. Not scratchy so it feels very nice all over the lids!

All in all, I’m very happy with this impulse purchase! They’re great little brushes, and I have enjoyed using them so far.

Pros: four brushes for a good price, not too small or too big, nice and soft, not scratchy, fit contours of my eyes well
Cons: storage is a bit difficult because they’re double-ended
Verdict: Buy them!

Thanks for reading! What impulse buys have you loved recently?