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[Quick Look] BaekHyun Inspired Red/Black Eyes

March 19, 2014

So…I did a thing. Even if you don’t like Kpop (Korean Pop!), you can still enjoy this look. =)  I think it gives a nice definition to the eyes. It’s more noticeable up close of course, but you can still see the red from a normal distance. It doesn’t look too overpowering, and I really like the combination of red/black.

It took me way longer to get this right than I’d like to admit! Anyway…Below are some pictures of the look I recreated, as well as some pictures of the original! The original look was worn to the Seoul Music Awards by BaekHyun of Kpop group EXO. (They’re awesome, by the way, if you’re interested in foreign music!)

My recreation isn’t perfect, but it was my first go. I tried! I think I’ll fool with it a bit more.

I’ll get a bit of a brighter red and maybe in a gel liner, because I was using shadow. I think it would be easier to recreate with red eyeliner (gel) instead of the shadow since I need to draw a line to extend my eye shape. We’ll see what I can find and try again =)

PicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage2



Quick Look: White & Silver nails

May 15, 2013


Okay, so not the best picture. I’ve been wearing this look for a little over a week, so I’ve managed to chip it quite a bit (I need to purchase a better top coat!).

Here are the products I used!

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