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New Video! May 2013 Ipsy Bag!

May 19, 2013

So this video is my first one where I actually open the Ipsy bag and go through the products. I’ve previously done blog posts on some of these, but from now on I want to do videos first and then provide more information in the blog. 

I haven’t used any of these products extensively yet, so I’m still testing them and will update this post soon with my thoughts. I can give my initial thoughts and impressions now, but I will update this soon =) I’ll also provide swatches below!

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myGlam bags: June 2012 Bag

July 9, 2012

Here is the content for this bag!

The Contents:

1. Nyx Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipstick in Power (full size)

2. Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream (sample size)

3. Marbella Eye Liner Pen in Black (full size)

4. philosophy Take a Deep Breath Moisturizer (sample size)

My Thoughts/Mini Reviews:

I must say, I was really excited to get this bag. It had more products that I was actually likely to use, so that made me happy. I know there won’t be products in every bag that I’ll use or love, but it’s exciting when there is! Everyone likes different products, so myGlam has to try and include something for everyone. Anyway, I haven’t used the products in this bag much, but I’ll be testing them out more so I can write a better review.

I have high hopes for the philosophy moisturizer and the Marbella eye liner pen. It seems like a lot of people like these two products, so I hope I will too! I tried the Nyx lipstick once, and it is a nice, creamy, light pink color. I could probably wear this if my lips were so chapped and peeling all the time! (I need to take better care of them, I just get lazy!!) So I’ll be trying that lipstick again when my lips are healed up. The Living Proof cream has also had some pretty good reviews, so I hope I’ll like it too. I tend to stay away from creams and such though, since they usually make my hair oily or weird… And I hate having to wash my hair every day. It’s not worth it when it’s this thick and hard to wash! So I’ll have to try this cream on a day where I have time to wash my hair in case it leaves some residue! The cream does smell nice and I love the packaging!


myGlam Bags: May 2012 Bag

July 9, 2012

Here is the content picture for May!

The Contents:

1. iss Beauty Nail Bling heart nail decals

2. myGlam concealer brush

3. myGlam defining brush

4. philosophy Love Sweet Love perfume sample

5. Studio Gear Complete Color lipstick in Warm Embrace (full size)

My Thoughts/Mini Reviews:

I haven’t used anything from this bag, quite honestly. Since the first bag, there wasn’t much that I really loved in any of the bags. I personally don’t use nail art, rarely use perfume, and never wear lipstick. That wasn’t going to stop me from trying the products, though. I’m still testing them out. I assume the nail art will be pretty straight forward, so if you like nail decals, these are some cute ones! The perfume smells pretty nice in the container, but really strong (since it’s so concentrated), I’m sure when I get the perfume out and actually wear it that it will smell even nicer. The lipstick does not seem to be bad quality, but it is definitely too dark for me! It’s a dark, deep redish-brown. So if you like lip color, and your skin tone is a bit darker, this would probably look nice!

The two brushes have yet to be used either–the defining one can be used as a lip brush or as an eyeliner brush. The concealer brush seems a little small, but it might work well under my eyes. We’ll have to see!! I’ll update this post with reviews.



myGlam Bags: April 2012 Bag

July 9, 2012

Here’s the contents of April’s bag!

The Contents:

1. myGlam eyeshadow brush

2. myGlam eye liner brush

3. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Ransom (sample?)

4. Dermstore Lip Quench (Full size)

5. All-Belle False Eyelashes

My Thoughts/Mini Reviews:

So far I have used the eyeshadow brush, the Lip Quench, and the Urban Decay eyeliner. I don’t think the eyeshadow brush is the best quality–I had a hard time getting it to pick up product (but this could also be due to the eyeshadow itself). I’ll have to use it some more before I can really make a decision about it.

As for the Lip Quench, this product is supposed to hydrate, smoothe, and plump “thin, dry lips.” I haven’t seen this work yet, but my lips aren’t really thin to begin with. The problem I have with this product is that it is EXTREMELY hard to get it out of the tube! I have no idea why. It’s like it’s really thick so it gets stuck or something. I have to squeeze the tub hard and then a little will come out. But the product is a little thick for me I guess. I prefer the Pur-lisse lip nourisher to this product so far.

I had high hopes for the Urban Decay eyeliner. I have never actually tried anything by Urban Decay because it’s so expensive (and you guys should know how cheap I am by now, haha!) I was excited to finally get to try something from Urban Decay. Most people seem to really like their products. I, however, did not like this eye liner at all! First, I have to basically color on my water line over and over to try and get some product on it. But even then, you can’t see the purple at all. It won’t stick to my water line. Instead, it gunks up in my lower lash line. I have never had this happen with an eye liner before. It’s really weird! This may work better on my eye lid or maybe the other colors work better. But I definitely would not buy this eye liner in full size… It doesn’t even show up, let alone last for 24 hours….

I haven’t tried the false eye lashes yet since I already have thick lashes, but they look really nice. I think I will like them, but I’ll have to try them out a few times to see what I think! I haven’t used the eyeliner brush yet either. We’ll see!!


myGlam Bags: March 2012 Bag

July 9, 2012

Here’s the contents of the March bag!

The Contents:

1. myGlam crease brush

2. myGlam brush case

3. Pur-lisse Essential Daily Moisturizer sample

4. Murad Hybrids Eye Lift Perfector sample

5. $25 Derm Store coupon code

6. Keracolor Natural Color Enhancing Leave In Treatment (2 samples)

7. Pur-lisse Daily Lip Nourisher (full size)

My Thoughts/Mini Reviews:

This bag was mostly samples, so not my favorite–but I still enjoy getting to try products (even if I’ll never buy them because they’re too expensive!!) Anyway, the only two products I have tried enough to talk about is the Pur-lisse lip nourisher and the crease brush. I’m not really sure why a crease brush is so big, but maybe it’s just me and how I normally put color in my crease. I don’t really like using this brush for my crease. I think it’s too big and not precise enough, but I’m sure it would work great for some. I’ll find a different use for it, such as blending out colors in the crease/lid of my eye. It’s a little scratchy and not very soft, but I don’t think it’s a bad brush. I do like the brush case though (even though I hate pink!)

As for the Pur-lisse Daily Lip Nourisher, this product is supposed to “hydrate, heal, and nourish.” It’s also supposed to make your lips look more youthful. I can’t really tell you if it will make your lips look more youthful, since I’m still young myself, but I do think it is a great moisturizer for lips. It seems to really hydrate and make my lips softer. I get really dry, chapped lips with skin peeling off… So I think this is a good product to fix that! (I may have to consider buying this even if it’s expensive…hehe). I also like that it has Shea butter in it. And it is free of parabens, fragrance, harsh chemicals, propylene glycol, and phthalates. So I really am loving this so far!

Reviews on the other products are coming soon!


myGlam Bags: February 2012 Bag

July 9, 2012

Here’s a picture of the contents of February’s bag!

The products:

1. Freeman Goji Berry Mask packet

2. X Out Shine Control (I assume full size)

3. Premier Eye Cream sample

4. Premier Instant Stretching and Revitalizing Mask sample

5. Nyx Roll On Shimmer in Sea Foam (full size)

6. Ghirardelli Chocolate!

My Thoughts/Mini Reviews:

Quite honestly, I’ve been waiting to start up this website before I used these products! I’ll be testing them and updating this post later with my thoughts on the products.

As for my thoughts on the overall bag, I can say I liked January’s bag better. I know I will use the shimmer at some point because I like glitter! I hope that the shine control product works for me, because I definitely have oily skin. I have the full size Goji Berry mask, but I’m not sure of what I think of it yet. It is supposed to be for hydration, so we’ll see! I’ll try out the two Premier samples soon as well. But since Premier is an expensive line, I probably won’t be buying any of their products, even if I love the samples. I’m glad I get to try out some higher end products through myGlam, the only downside is that if I love it, I can’t buy it! Haha xD



myGlam Bags: January 2012 Bag

June 12, 2012

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first glam bag post!

For those of you who don’t know, MyGlam is a monthly subscription service. Each month, for $10, you get a makeup bag delivered to you that contains 4-5 delux sample or full sized products. The products can be any type of makeup, skin care, hair care, or tools. I have been getting subscriptions since January 2012, so I will now post about each bag as I get them. (But first I have to catch up on the ones I have missed!)

This is January’s bag!

The products were as follows:

1 Full size Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel Off Mask

1 Deluxe sample of Wen Hair Care Cleansing Conditioner in Sweet Almond Mint

1 Full size Hot Ticket nail polish in Jade in the USA

1 Full size Sheer Cover Duo Concealer in Light/Medium

My thoughts/Mini Reviews:

I was very pleased with my first glam bag! I think the products were definitely worth the $10 I spent, since three of them were full size. I was very happy with the Freeman Mask. I enjoy peel off masks, and I feel like this one hydrates my skin and helps to get it really clean. I went ahead and purchased another full size mask from the Freeman website (along with several other kinds of their masks. After I test them all I can post reviews!)

At first I didn’t really care for the Sheer Cover concealer. I’m so picky about concealers, and I seem to have a really hard time finding on that is really good (for me and my skin anyway)! I have dark circles and some redness that I like to cover up, so concealer is really important to me. After using the Sheer Cover concealer a few more times, I began to like it. I wouldn’t call it my favorite, but I still think it is a good cream-based concealer. So this product would be great for in the winter time! Since it has two shades, you can blend them to match your skin tone (as long as you are still in the light/medium category).

I used the nail polish once or twice, because I really just don’t wear nail polish that much. I don’t have a lot to compare this polish to, but it seemed to be pretty good. And I really love the color! It takes several coats to get it to appear dark enough, in my opinion.

I have yet to use the Wen conditioner, because I’m not sure I’m a fan of that type of shampooing/conditioning. I’m also not sure if I can use this product since I have an allergy to tree nuts! Sometimes there is actual almond oil in hair products, not just the scent. I need to test this on my skin first and then I’ll use it in my hair if I don’t have a bad reaction! Then I can let you all know what I think!!