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[New Products] Reviews coming soon!

March 11, 2014


So I was at Walmart the other day because I wanted to buy the EcoTools Custom Buffing Brush. I found it! So I’m glad I got that (about $7). But I happened to wander by the clearance section and found another EcoTools brush (Kabuki brush) on sale for only $3.50! I didn’t really need another kabuki brush, but I couldn’t pass up such a great deal!

I’ve been using both the kabuki brush and the buffing brush for my daily makeup (a foundation I’m testing for L’Oreal). I will try them with my regular foundation as soon as the test period for the L’Oreal foundation is over. Then I can write a review ^_^

Additionally I picked up the Pantene Rehab Creme for my hair…couldn’t resist. My hair needs some help! I think it’s time for a hair cut this weekend (sad face). I’m trying to grow my hair out, but every time it’s time to trim, my hair hasn’t grown much. I use a flat iron every day, so I guess it ruins my ends. (I need a way around that, any suggestions? My hair is a mess if I don’t straighten it!)

Additionally I picked up the Olay moisturizer in the picture above. It came with a little trial size of an Olay cleanser. It was only $5, instead of $13!

Anyway, that was just a little update about some items I’ve picked up and will be reviewing soon!


Coming Soon: DIY Video on Chai Sugar Scrub Bars!

May 20, 2013



This will be a video coming soon! DIY Natural Chai Sugar Scrub bars! Great for exfoliating and moisturizing, and they can be made from simple kitchen ingredients!


Coming Soon: Putting My Nail Kit Together

May 19, 2013


Video coming soon!


Mini Haul! [Video Coming Soon!]

May 17, 2013


Picked up a few things today. Will be adding these to my haul video with some other items. Video should be out in the next couple of days =)


Coming Soon in a Review!

May 16, 2013