About the Site:

The Beauty Cleric web identity was born on May 24th, 2012 during a crisis-mode moment experienced by Raelyn (aka Ryn, the owner of this blog). Ryn was at work on her college’s campus, freaking out about the health concerns related to preservatives in cosmetics. She had spent the large majority of the past few days researching chemicals, products, and ingredients, trying to locate a new foundation, concealer, and skin care system that would not threaten her health. The research proved to scare her silly, encouraging her to abandon all products with harmful chemicals. She then found other opinions that voiced the opposite side of the spectrum. Not sure who to trust, she put the issue aside and again considered her desire to start a web presence related to health and beauty. Ryn had wanted to open a Youtube account and blog to offer advice, makeup reviews, and tutorials, but she had not yet gotten around to it. For one reason, she couldn’t think of a name. The original idea in her head was SouthKoreaLove, another online identity she uses for numerous websites. She then thought to name her site SaranghaeMakeup or a close English equivalent: ToLoveMakeup. For the Love of Beauty also crossed her mind. But none of them seemed to fit, even though SaranghaeMakeup combined two of her favorite things: makeup and the Korean language. Suddenly, while in her crisis mode at work, she began thinking of names again, and the name “The Beauty Scholar” just came to her. But alas, the name was already taken, so she settled for The Beauty Cleric instead, which says basically the same thing! It was perfect; and thus, the site was born.

Behind the Name:

The Beauty Cleric is supposed to refer to Ryn, although she does not claim to be a makeup expert. Makeup is only a hobby for her (not that she wouldn’t consider a career in makeup should the chance present itself). The reason she chose the word “scholar” originally is because she is one. Her strengths lie in academia, and she loves to research and write. She had a high GPA in college and has been accepted into numerous honor societies. Besides her love for research and academics, the word scholar also has another connotation for her (albeit a more “nerdy” one…don’t judge). If you have ever played the famous role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons, then you know there is a character class called a “cleric.” This is one of Ryn’s favorite classes to play, in both the paper and online versions of D&D. (If you have never tried the online version, it’s called DDO. Ryn highly recommends that you check it out!) Anyway, another word for a cleric can be scholar, so the name stuck. Scholar also works with beauty because Ryn likes to research her products before buying them. She also researches by trying out different techniques and products, which she can then share with you on her blog/Youtube. Since “The Beauty Scholar” was already taken, Ryn changed the name to “The Beauty Cleric,” using the name for the Dungeons & Dragons class after all.

About Raelyn:

Ryn is currently a 23 year old recent college grad. No, her real name is not Raelyn or Ryn (she also goes by Arcadia on the web, which is not her real name either). She attended a small, private, four-year college and graduated magna cum laude in May 2013 with a major in History, a minor in Literary Studies, and a concentration in East Asian Studies. Currently, she is pursuing entry into a graduate program in English. She loves Japanese and Korean TV, movies, music, food, culture, history, and language. You will soon find this out if you watch enough of her videos or read enough of her blog! She loves to write, read, play video games, learn languages, and create things. Ryn also loves her cats (Aiden, Xiah, and Jae Joong), spicy food, sleep, and makeup. She has recently been concerned with living a healthier life, so she has been searching for better makeup/skin care products, exercise routines, and healthier foods. She hopes to share her concerns and ideas with all of you through her blog.

Affiliate Programs

I participate in the Affiliate Program over at W2Beauty. It’s a great website for purchasing tons of Korean beauty items. If you sign up with my code, you get $5 off your first order and I get a $5 voucher in return! Go show them some love!! My code is: 05842903

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  1. Hi, your site looks great! I really like the idea of linking the realm of beauty with academia – it’s a cool perspective on the subject. I wasn’t sure if you were aware that there is a pre-existing Beauty Scholar (http://thebeautyscholar.com/, https://www.facebook.com/TheBeautyScholar, https://twitter.com/BeautyScholar, http://www.youtube.com/user/BeautyScholar?feature=watch). Perhaps a different site name might make yours stand out as unique:-) All the best!

    • Hello! Thank you! Yes, I found out that there was another Beauty Scholar website. It happened after I had already branded myself, so I just went ahead and left my site name the same. I had added my name to the end of it anyway.

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