[Haul] New Korean Products from W2Beauty!

March 25, 2014



So I had an entire haul video filmed for this haul, and I was really happy I was able to do that instead of making a post about it….but then…the video came out all dark! I have no idea why, but you can’t really see anything clearly. -_-  I even checked the video while I was filming to make sure everything looked alright! It was just ruined, so I decided to do a post instead, since I have pictures of everything before I used it.

Then I took a closer look at my pictures, and most of them are blurry. -sigh- I’m so irritated. Haha. Anyway…here’s my haul post.

*note: this is not a sponsored post

Click to see the haul! (More pictures below the cut too!)




So this first thing here, I’ve been wanting to try after seeing a few Youtubers RAVE about it! It’s the Mamonde Real Skin Founder (in shade #1). It’s a basically a cream foundation. Everyone I’ve seen talk about has loved it for its coverage and ease of application. I was really interested in trying it out, since I haven’t tried any Korean foundations, and I rarely try out cream ones. I may be a bit too oily for this, but we shall see. I can do a first impressions/review on this.

As you can see, it comes with a neat little puff. It’s so soft! And there is a cap that stays over the product to protect it. There’s also a nice mirror, and the compact itself isn’t bulky.

egg pore


Here we have the Tony Moly Egg Pore Tightening Pack. AND IT’S IN THE SHAPE OF AN EGG! I just love how Korean brands package their products 😀 I am so keeping this even after I use it, haha. I haven’t used it yet, but I did touch the product. It’s pretty thick and seems similar to another pore pack I tried recently (also from a Korean brand). That one was a clay one though, and this one is clearly an egg-based one! Eggs are supposed to be good for pores. I have no idea why! =P



I was interested in trying something from this line, so I picked out a fairly cheap concealer! This is the Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer in shade #1. It’s pretty creamy. I’ve used it a couple of times so far but haven’t formed an opinion on it yet! You can see the color in the picture above (it’s not the same color as the container itself, thank goodness, because that would be too dark for me!)

The swatch on my hand does represent the color really well. (Please ignore the random Korean writing on my hand. I wrote in pen and then it wouldn’t wash off).

And here is a swatch of the Mamonde Real Skin Founder under the concealer:



As you can see, the Mamonde Real Skin Founder has more yellow in it and the Etude House concealer has more red. They both work for me though, in my opinion. (Though I supposedly have warm undertones).



This was a kind of random purchase. I didn’t plan on getting it, but I was looking for a new night cream. So I figured I’d just pick one out from this website. I got the Missha Ye Hyeon Nutritious Cream. It came with a little spatula, and the packaging looks really fancy! Excited to try it out!



The final two products are another Holika Holika Holy Cat Eyeshadow (this time in Navy Smoky Cat) and the Tony Moly Red Apply Hand Cream. AND THE PACKAGING FOR BOTH IS JUST SO CUTE. Okay…breathe… Anyway. I already have the Holy Cat Eyeshadow in Khaki Smoky Cat, and I’ve already talked about it here. Unfortunately, this Holy Cat Eyeshadow was completely smashed when I received it =( That’s why there’s no picture. I’ve contacted the website though, so I’m sure we can work something out. They have the most amazing customer service.

Anyway, the hand cream smells just like apples, and it’s so moisturizing! I love it. I used it for the first time last night. And of course I love the apple it comes in…haha.

Other than that, I got all of the free samples/gifts shown in the picture above! I’ll write out a full list later tonight when I have the products with me again. You get free gifts for purchasing certain amounts, so I got the 3 mask sheets and the nail polish for free + all of the little sample satchets!

**Disclaimer** This is not a sponsored post! I paid for the order myself (except for the items they include free for everyone!) I do have an “affiliate” link on my blog for W2Beauty, but anyone can join that. When you make your first purchase and you use someone’s affiliate link, you get $5 off. The affiliate gets a $5 voucher too, so sign up!

About W2Beauty

So, the website that I purchased all of this from was W2Beauty. They have an AMAZING selection of products, and the owner, Alice, is the nicest person you’ll ever shop from. She’s the best at customer service, and is so generous with samples! The prices on the website may look a little bit higher than on some other websites, but there is FREE shipping on all orders through W2Beauty. You can pay $2.50 for a tracking number (which I did, highly recommended), but other than that shipping is free! It’s nice because on other websites, I pick out all of my stuff and then get slammed with a huge shipping fee!

Anyway, W2Beauty is an awesome place to shop for Korean beauty products. I highly recommend you check them out! Use the link here and you’ll get a $5 off coupon for your first order! Or, you can click the banner on the side of my website. I used a code for this order, so it was nice to get the $5 off!

Thanks for reading! What Korean cosmetics do you love?


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