Beauty Blog is Getting a Makeover :)

February 21, 2014

So…after lots of back and forth about what to do with this blog, I have finally decided to keep it going, revamp it, and stick to it.

I have wanted to create a beauty blog for a long time, but because I was busy with school, I couldn’t keep it updated. Once I got out of school, I moved to a location that has limited internet, so it’s basically impossible to upload videos as I had planned. It takes up too much data, and I don’t have anywhere quiet to film, either.

However, that will change, hopefully in the next few months. If I can find a house, I’ll be moving. After I save a bit more money of course 🙂 In the mean time, I will just make use of posting detailed posts on the blog with pictures, and not worry about having a video to go along with everything.

I hope to make the blog very active, with at least 3 posts a week. Reviews will take longer to come since I have to test out the products, but there will be other posts like articles, DIY stuff, first impressions, hauls, etc.

I’ll be editing the design/graphics/layout/etc too. In the process of making a new graphic. Just need to take a picture first. (Since I changed the name from The Beauty Scholar Ryn to Beauty Cleric).

Thanks for reading~!

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