Announcement [semi-hiatus from Youtube]

June 26, 2013

Hello everyone,


So I have an announcement to make. Unfortunately, the videos may be VERY slow in coming. I was really excited about starting a Youtube and website, but a couple of weeks after I started it, I got a job. I just graduated this past May, so I was looking for full time work. The job I have is a temporary assignment, but it is likely it will lead to permanent employment. My job required me to move two hours away from where I lived previously. Unfortunately, where I am living now is kind of far out, away from town. So the internet is still on a limited data plan. We don’t have access to unlimited cable internet yet =(


Since my internet is limited, I can’t really upload videos. It just takes SO much data to upload and process videos to Youtube. It doesn’t take much data to just surf the internet, though. So I may still film some videos, edit them, and then look for some free Wi-Fi to upload occasionally. It is just a lot harder now to do all of this. Plus, where I currently live, I share a room with my boyfriend in his parents’ home. So there isn’t a lot of quiet space that I have to myself that is good for filming! This is temporary until we can afford to move out. I plan on moving somewhere with unlimited internet =) But this may be a long time coming!


Anyway, point is, I’ve been MIA from the website. I’ve decided to try and keep the blog going and just post things that I would normally film. I will try to film some too.


I have the footage for a DIY Chai Sugar Scrub bar video that I need to edit. Maybe I can go to Panera or the library…or the university where I work…and steal the WiFi this weekend xD


I’m also making DIY Healing Salve tonight. I’ll try to film it. I can make a post about it too.


Additionally, I’ve got some new makeup I need to make a post about and then do a review on. I also have the newest Ipsy bag!


I hope all of this stuff will come soon. The blog is easier to maintain than Youtube, but I have a ton of hobbies so when I come home from work, I can really only choose one a night =P


See you soon,




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