Review: Que Bella Sheet Face Masks

May 24, 2013


Hi everyone =) Here’s a review on these face masks, as promised.

So I found these by accident one day as I was wandering through Target. And apparently, not all Targets carry these masks. But they are exclusive to Target (as far as I know). Of course, the Target in my city DOESN’T carry them, so I can only get them when I’m out of town (which used to be every other weekend, but now I’m moving there!) So I stock up every chance I get.

The first mask I tried was the rejuvenating dead sea mineral mask (the blue one). Now I know sheet masks are more of an Asian beauty thing, which must be why it is SO hard for me to find sheet masks in America. It’s quite frustrating, but I just order sheet masks online from Korea and Taiwan usually… xD

Anyway, these masks are good in my opinion. I think I like the Asian ones better, and the Asian ones are definitely more saturated (as in, there’s extra liquid left over in the package, which didn’t happen with these masks). However, overall, I still recommend these sheet masks.

You don’t have much to choose from if you’re looking for American-brand sheet masks anyway! So at least these are good.

The dead sea one was supposed to have a cooling sensation. It DEFINITELY did. It was a little overwhelming at one point, but I actually really like that kind of feeling. Then it kind of calms down, which is good, because it almost felt like my skin was burning. (Not in a bad way, if that makes sense…anyway, cooling masks are my favorite). So I really liked this one, and I’m definitely buying more soon.

I tried the refining fruit enzyme mask next (the pink one). I like this one as well. The only real difference I can tell between this one and the dead sea one is that it smells like fruit. I wasn’t expecting a cooling sensation with this mask, since it just didn’t really seem like it was supposed to do that. But it did. Almost on the level of the dead sea one! But it was really refreshing, so I enjoyed it. And, the next day, I noticed that my makeup was going on really smoothly, and my skin was very soft and smooth too. I think the mask helped (more so than my regular skin care routine) to solve some of the dry spots I’ve been having.

I used the rejuvenating lemon balm mask (the yellow one) tonight. Again, I wasn’t expecting a cooling sensation. But there was one! I don’t think it was as intense as either of the others though. My skin feels nice and soft again. So hopefully tomorrow my makeup will go on well again =)

Overall, I recommend these masks because I believe the cooling sensation they give is refreshing and relaxing. I also think they help to really hydrate and smooth out the skin. I have sensitive skin, and none of these masks bothered me. So if you live near a Target that sells these, go try them out!


I’m moving next Tuesday night. I’m nowhere near ready. And since I’ll be living in someone else’s home for a while (aka until I can afford to buy a house…) I can’t take all of my stuff with me. I’m considering doing a quick video about how I’m packing my makeup and storing it while I’m there. I’m not able to take all of my makeup and skin care products with me, and I’m trying to make the most of the space I have. So it may make for an interesting video, especially if you’re moving into a dorm room or other small space.

I have a lot of stuff to do tomorrow, but I can’t stop watching Kdramas and video game streams long enough to get anything done.

I ordered Oblivion the other day. =) It’ll give me something to play when I come home form work, haha. (like I don’t already have enough things to play)

I also ordered some more herbs yesterday. So when they come in, I can make the DIY Healing Salve I’ve been wanting to make, and then post a video on how to do it!



  1. Never heard of this brand, might have to try them out. Great review!

    • Thanks! Definitely give them a shot! =)

  2. The refining mask is awesome…I used it once, left it on for fifteen mins..my face pores were smaller for five hours straight..the reason I know is cuz for one reason my face was smoother and it was very shiny..no makeup the entire day cuz it just naturally glowed and it didn’t dry up my face…I’m going back for more I jus wish they’d be cheaper because this one was 2 bucks…but still not bad..

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