New Video! May 2013 Ipsy Bag!

May 19, 2013

So this video is my first one where I actually open the Ipsy bag and go through the products. I’ve previously done blog posts on some of these, but from now on I want to do videos first and then provide more information in the blog. 

I haven’t used any of these products extensively yet, so I’m still testing them and will update this post soon with my thoughts. I can give my initial thoughts and impressions now, but I will update this soon =) I’ll also provide swatches below!


So this month’s bag had 5 products:

– Yaby concealer in Honey
– Pacifica roll on perfume in Island Vanilla
– NuMe Hair Finishing Serum
– Mirabella sheer lipstick in Posy
– Zoya Nail polish (not pictured) I got the shade Jacqueline but am trading it for Blu!



So this concealer is pretty yellow…I assume it’s that way because it’s good for dark circles? Either that or they were trying to match my skin tone. I’m light-skinned with cool/pink undertones, and I do have dark circles…so it seems like I need both green based and yellow or salmon based concealers. I need to test this one more, but when I swatched it, it didn’t seem like it was going to cover much! (And I have massive dark circles…)

The Pacifica perfume is nice, after you rub it in fairly well. When it is more concentrated, it definitely smells like alcohol (to my anyway…) So I only use a little bit for a nice, subtle vanilla scent. I’m not used to roll on perfumes, but I don’t mind that format! Usually when I spray perfumes or hair products, I end up with the taste in my mouth, which I hate!

I have only looked at the NuMe product a lot. I don’t use hair serums typically, so I’m not sure what to expect. I’m going to try it out with just my regular shampoo and conditioner and update this blog later! (I sometimes use hair treatments/masks, but not the serum type. I’ll leave out all of those so I can just test this one). 



Above is a swatch for the Mirabella lipstick. I was worried that it would be too dark for me, but it really does go on pretty sheer! That swatch is just one swipe of the lipstick, so one coat would probably do it for me. It can also be sheered out a lot more, which makes it look like a faint red lip gloss. So I like this so far since it’s not opaque! 

As for the Zoya polish, I can’t comment yet since I’m waiting for my trade to ship! When I get it I’ll probably do a “quick look” with it so you can see the color. I can make comments about it then too!

Thanks for checking out the video and blog post! More to come 😀


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