How to Lighten Your Skin Tone

May 10, 2013

If you are unhappy with your complexion, try some of these simple ideas below to make your skin lighter and brighter and lighter!

Stay away from direct sunlight

We all know that exposure to the sun is harmful to skin. Not only can you get sunburn, but you can also increase your risk for skin cancer by being out in the sun too much. If you want a lighter skin tone, you should avoid going outside without some form of sun protection. Wear a sunscreen that is at least SPF 20 on any exposed skin. You can purchase some foundations that have sunscreen built in, or you can opt for a separate product. Make sure to wear long sleeves if you are skipping the sunscreen, or just limit your time outside! You can also wear a wide-brimmed hat to protect your face.

Try a Milk Mask

Did you know that milk is a natural skin lightener? While you won’t see drastic results from using milk, applying it to your face can help lighten your skin a tone or two. You can also use milk masks on a regular basis to maintain the shade of skin that you already have. One simple milk mask can be made from regular milk from the grocery store and orange peels. After peeling a couple of oranges, put the peels in the sun to dry. Once they become brittle, grind them up into a powder. Pour milk over the powder to make a paste—don’t use too much or you will dissolve the powder).  Spread the mixture over your face and leave it on for 30-40 minutes. Wash it off with cool water and repeat at least once a week! You can also just use cotton balls to put cold milk on your face; just remember to wash it off after it dries!

Use a Lemon

Lemon is also known for its ability to help lighten skin. You can make a mask out of lemons too! Another simple solution is to cut a lemon in half and gently rub the exposed part of the fruit over your face as if you were giving yourself a massage. Let the lemon juice soak into your skin. You can do this weekly to maintain your complexion.

Switch to a BB cream

There are many Asian brand BB creams on the market that contain arbutin, which works to lighten the skin tone. Look for a BB cream online containing this ingredient if you don’t live near an Asian beauty supply store. If you use a whitening BB cream regularly, you will notice a change in your skin tone. You skin will be lighter and more even as long as you use the BB cream consistently!

Exfoliate your skin

When skin cells die, they can pile up on the skin and cause your complexion to look dull. Exfoliation should be a part of everyone’s skin routine on a regular basis, so if you aren’t exfoliating, start now! Use an exfoliating face wash or purchase a separate exfoliating product. Most products sit on the surface of the skin and help to dissolve the dead cells. Then, when you massage the product into your skin, the dead skin cells are removed and washed away. This will leave your skin brighter and more vibrant!


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