myGlam Bags: May 2012 Bag

July 9, 2012

Here is the content picture for May!

The Contents:

1. iss Beauty Nail Bling heart nail decals

2. myGlam concealer brush

3. myGlam defining brush

4. philosophy Love Sweet Love perfume sample

5. Studio Gear Complete Color lipstick in Warm Embrace (full size)

My Thoughts/Mini Reviews:

I haven’t used anything from this bag, quite honestly. Since the first bag, there wasn’t much that I really loved in any of the bags. I personally don’t use nail art, rarely use perfume, and never wear lipstick. That wasn’t going to stop me from trying the products, though. I’m still testing them out. I assume the nail art will be pretty straight forward, so if you like nail decals, these are some cute ones! The perfume smells pretty nice in the container, but really strong (since it’s so concentrated), I’m sure when I get the perfume out and actually wear it that it will smell even nicer. The lipstick does not seem to be bad quality, but it is definitely too dark for me! It’s a dark, deep redish-brown. So if you like lip color, and your skin tone is a bit darker, this would probably look nice!

The two brushes have yet to be used either–the defining one can be used as a lip brush or as an eyeliner brush. The concealer brush seems a little small, but it might work well under my eyes. We’ll have to see!! I’ll update this post with reviews.


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