myGlam Bags: February 2012 Bag

July 9, 2012

Here’s a picture of the contents of February’s bag!

The products:

1. Freeman Goji Berry Mask packet

2. X Out Shine Control (I assume full size)

3. Premier Eye Cream sample

4. Premier Instant Stretching and Revitalizing Mask sample

5. Nyx Roll On Shimmer in Sea Foam (full size)

6. Ghirardelli Chocolate!

My Thoughts/Mini Reviews:

Quite honestly, I’ve been waiting to start up this website before I used these products! I’ll be testing them and updating this post later with my thoughts on the products.

As for my thoughts on the overall bag, I can say I liked January’s bag better. I know I will use the shimmer at some point because I like glitter! I hope that the shine control product works for me, because I definitely have oily skin. I have the full size Goji Berry mask, but I’m not sure of what I think of it yet. It is supposed to be for hydration, so we’ll see! I’ll try out the two Premier samples soon as well. But since Premier is an expensive line, I probably won’t be buying any of their products, even if I love the samples. I’m glad I get to try out some higher end products through myGlam, the only downside is that if I love it, I can’t buy it! Haha xD



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