myGlam Bags: April 2012 Bag

July 9, 2012

Here’s the contents of April’s bag!

The Contents:

1. myGlam eyeshadow brush

2. myGlam eye liner brush

3. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencil in Ransom (sample?)

4. Dermstore Lip Quench (Full size)

5. All-Belle False Eyelashes

My Thoughts/Mini Reviews:

So far I have used the eyeshadow brush, the Lip Quench, and the Urban Decay eyeliner. I don’t think the eyeshadow brush is the best quality–I had a hard time getting it to pick up product (but this could also be due to the eyeshadow itself). I’ll have to use it some more before I can really make a decision about it.

As for the Lip Quench, this product is supposed to hydrate, smoothe, and plump “thin, dry lips.” I haven’t seen this work yet, but my lips aren’t really thin to begin with. The problem I have with this product is that it is EXTREMELY hard to get it out of the tube! I have no idea why. It’s like it’s really thick so it gets stuck or something. I have to squeeze the tub hard and then a little will come out. But the product is a little thick for me I guess. I prefer the Pur-lisse lip nourisher to this product so far.

I had high hopes for the Urban Decay eyeliner. I have never actually tried anything by Urban Decay because it’s so expensive (and you guys should know how cheap I am by now, haha!) I was excited to finally get to try something from Urban Decay. Most people seem to really like their products. I, however, did not like this eye liner at all! First, I have to basically color on my water line over and over to try and get some product on it. But even then, you can’t see the purple at all. It won’t stick to my water line. Instead, it gunks up in my lower lash line. I have never had this happen with an eye liner before. It’s really weird! This may work better on my eye lid or maybe the other colors work better. But I definitely would not buy this eye liner in full size… It doesn’t even show up, let alone last for 24 hours….

I haven’t tried the false eye lashes yet since I already have thick lashes, but they look really nice. I think I will like them, but I’ll have to try them out a few times to see what I think! I haven’t used the eyeliner brush yet either. We’ll see!!


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