myGlam Bags: January 2012 Bag

June 12, 2012

Hello everyone! Welcome to my first glam bag post!

For those of you who don’t know, MyGlam is a monthly subscription service. Each month, for $10, you get a makeup bag delivered to you that contains 4-5 delux sample or full sized products. The products can be any type of makeup, skin care, hair care, or tools. I have been getting subscriptions since January 2012, so I will now post about each bag as I get them. (But first I have to catch up on the ones I have missed!)

This is January’s bag!

The products were as follows:

1 Full size Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel Off Mask

1 Deluxe sample of Wen Hair Care Cleansing Conditioner in Sweet Almond Mint

1 Full size Hot Ticket nail polish in Jade in the USA

1 Full size Sheer Cover Duo Concealer in Light/Medium

My thoughts/Mini Reviews:

I was very pleased with my first glam bag! I think the products were definitely worth the $10 I spent, since three of them were full size. I was very happy with the Freeman Mask. I enjoy peel off masks, and I feel like this one hydrates my skin and helps to get it really clean. I went ahead and purchased another full size mask from the Freeman website (along with several other kinds of their masks. After I test them all I can post reviews!)

At first I didn’t really care for the Sheer Cover concealer. I’m so picky about concealers, and I seem to have a really hard time finding on that is really good (for me and my skin anyway)! I have dark circles and some redness that I like to cover up, so concealer is really important to me. After using the Sheer Cover concealer a few more times, I began to like it. I wouldn’t call it my favorite, but I still think it is a good cream-based concealer. So this product would be great for in the winter time! Since it has two shades, you can blend them to match your skin tone (as long as you are still in the light/medium category).

I used the nail polish once or twice, because I really just don’t wear nail polish that much. I don’t have a lot to compare this polish to, but it seemed to be pretty good. And I really love the color! It takes several coats to get it to appear dark enough, in my opinion.

I have yet to use the Wen conditioner, because I’m not sure I’m a fan of that type of shampooing/conditioning. I’m also not sure if I can use this product since I have an allergy to tree nuts! Sometimes there is actual almond oil in hair products, not just the scent. I need to test this on my skin first and then I’ll use it in my hair if I don’t have a bad reaction! Then I can let you all know what I think!!


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